Stephanie graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music with a Professional Music Degree. At Berklee, she focused on vocal performance, songwriting, music business, and production. She is pop vocalist cross trained with a background in classical and musical theater. Stephanie has further vocal training from Noel Smith and Kevin Wilson’s Musical Theater and Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at Boston Conservatory. 

Stephanie utilizes her technical background and 15 years of performance experience to help singers of different ages and levels reach their personal goals and explore their voice. She believes in the importance of mind and body connection to promote healthy singing, confidence, and emotional storytelling in all styles. Her training stands as a strong foundation for singing in a range of genres, vocal endurance, and performance skills on stage and in the studio. 

Stephanie's songwriting techniques and foundations were refined at Berklee where she studied under award winning faculty: Paula Cole, Pat Pattison, and Peter Eldridge. Songwriting students of all levels will learn about song structure, lyric writing, melody, harmony, and how to record their own demos. 


Stephanie specializes in vocal training but also enjoys teaching songwriting and piano. Her knowledge of music theory, songwriting, piano and voice allows students to be well rounded and reach their unique goals.

Virtual and in-person lessons available at Noel Smith Voice Studio in Lynnfield, MA.




"Stephanie is an amazing vocal coach and piano teacher. My daughter absolutely loves learning from Stephanie and leaves each lesson wanting more. Stephanie has such a calming and patient style of teaching that makes her a perfect fit for my daughter.  My daughter is not only improving her vocals but more importantly she is developing a deep love for music." - parent of Mia, middle school student

"My daughter has always loved to sing. Stephanie has fostered that love and provided her with an incredible voice and performance education. She is incredibly talented and an amazing role model for our young performer." - parent of Sierra, elementary school student


"Stephanie James asserts a unique combination of emotion and technique into her lessons while at the same time inspiring confidence in her students. Her devotion and passion for music is apparent both during the lesson and beyond, encouraging achievable but challenging goals for her students while offering the necessary support to succeed. She is always supportive of my musical goals – taking lessons with her makes me feel like she not only cares about what I want to accomplish, but wants to help me improve and exceed past those goals. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my singing voice since taking lessons with Stephanie. Her willingness to teach at my own pace promotes a creative and stress-free environment, all the while personalizing each lesson with exercises that suit my singing voice.” Andrew, adult rock/indie singer, songwriter & instrumentalist

"Stephanie makes learning fun without the pressure of being perfect. I always felt insecure about my voice until she helped me break out of my shell and realize my full potential." - Jonathan, adult rock singer and guitarist

"Stephanie is an awesome teacher. I learn a lot and advance so much in my singing because she pushes me to move out of my comfort zone and let loose. Every class is a joy to go to and I'm always counting down the days until the next one." - Aiko, high school pop vocalist 

"I worked with Stephanie to prepare for the vocal recordings of my song “Stuck”. I was hesitant how much even just one session would help but I was honestly blown away by the difference it made. The little tricks she taught me, what she helped me focus on, even the mindset made a HUGE difference in tracking the best vocals possible. I’m so glad I took the time to work with her and plan to work with her again the next time I need to record at the studio." - Lance Tingey, recording artist

"Congrats on taking this wonderful journey with Stephanie. I love how comfortable I can be with her vibe. Most of us feel uncomfortable singing or showing the vulnerable side of ourselves but it isn’t the case with her. She always finds a flexible approach to help me solve any vocal challenges. Stephanie adjusts her teaching materials and exercise to fit in students’ musical preference which is hard to come by." - Weijun, instrumentalist, producer, songwriter

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