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My Story

Recording artist Stephanie James breathes new life to pop music, blending the smoothness of jazz singers and classic country singers with her honey-coated voice. With songs ranging from heartstring-tugging ballads to uplifting songs that leave a lasting impression on audiences. Stephanie has established herself in the heart of the music industry performing at venues from coast to coast including Hotel Cafe in LA, Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, and Brighton Music Hall in Boston.

A powerhouse of a performer, Stephanie has been likened to legends like Linda Ronstadt, as well as mega-talents of today such as Sara Bareilles and Kacey Musgraves. Whether in intimate rooms or packed venues, Stephanie connects deeply with her audience in ways that elicit both tears and celebration.


Stephanie recorded her debut album Unbreakable in collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated producers Jorel Corpus and Simone Torres in Los Angeles. The album is home to her most authentic, unfiltered songs to date, including a tribute to Maya Angelou’s poem, “Caged Bird," and anthem single “Throw Me a Rope” that encourages listeners to overcome obstacles in their life.


In addition to ten years of classical, musical theater, and pop vocal coaching, Stephanie honed her skills as a singer, musician, and songwriter at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her 17 years of real-world performances have brought her talent to life, and confirms that she was born for the stage.

Stay tuned for her EP "Down" coming August 2023.


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